我們成員來自美術設計、廣告創意與程式人員,十年以上的經歷和穩紮穩打的努力.工作上著重團體合作與資訊分工,團隊默契讓產品更佳完整、資訊的交流讓作品更具有競爭力,所以我們從不懈怠也保持學習力.設計的服務是無形的不同於商品販售,卻是市場銷售上不可或缺的要角,所以我們除了幫人做設計也協助設計服務的後續發展,一路上有設計陪伴絕對事半功倍;請與我們一起享受設計、快樂延續;熱情是創新的動力、快樂是成就的根本!奧森設計,我們的服務不只是設計,還有熱情. Let's talk

About us

Our team is composed of vision designing, advertising, and website programming professionals. They all have the experience for more than ten years in the fields. We emphasize on teamwork to ensure that the outcome presents clear and innovating image. We work as a team to enhance competitive capability. And we never stop renewing our specialties. Designing is a process of promotion. We help our clients gather materials, set up images, establish websites, and launch selling programs. We sincerely invite you to join the process and enjoy it. Passion is motivation and happiness is the route.AWESOME DESIGN , WHEN I SAY SERVICES, I MEAN DESIGN AND PASSION. Let's talk

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